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Laminat Dekor Atlas Oak Natur
Impressive appearance. Strong features. J ust as Atlas the Titan bore the weight of the heavens on his shoulders in ancient Greek...
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Bernstein Oak
A jewel in the crown of simplicity. And although Bernstein Oak is there to be walked on, it`s also a proverbial crowning glory. The silky...
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Bilbao Oak
Whatever your own personal style - country house, alpine, maritime or Scandinavian - the exquisitely natural look of Bernstein Oak always...
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Laminat Dekor Harbour Oak
The MY FLOOR finish of the year 2015! Harbour Oak adds a maritime touch to your decor and tells a rich and vivid story like no other...
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Laminat Dekor Harbour Oak Grey
The highest abrasion class for the most demanding of uses. Exceptional things often become more appealing as they age. And a time-worn...
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Laminat Dekor Pettersson Eiche Dunkel
For those unhurried moments in life. Pettersson Oak Dark is like a picnic under your favourite tree or a winter evening in front of the...
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Sauvignon Kastanie
A finish for connoisseurs. A floor for you. This incomparable natural flooring is just like a fine wine. It has to age – as long as...
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Laminat Dekor Timeless Oak Grau
Discreet and exclusive. What used to be flaunted with pomp now shines with noble restraint – even on the floor! Timeless Oak Grey, the...