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Laminat Dekor Highland Eiche Bronze
Highland Oak Bronze | Residence ML1014
Appealing sophistication – harmonious and balanced. The joy of interior design is not just confined to style – it can also express the...
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Laminat Dekor Highland Eiche Schwarz
Highland Oak Black | Residence ML1015
Black is beautiful! This distinctive, dark anthracite, wood fibre laminate flooring with a subtle yet striking chalky grain has style and...
Laminat Dekor Highland Eiche Silber
Highland Oak Silver | Residence ML1013
The subtle sophistication of elegant living. Surprising things happen when you least expect them. And Highland Oak Silver has that...
Title Highland Eiche Titan
Highland Oak Titan | Residence ML1016
A floor like a rock in the storm – of daily life. It’s not just its impressive veined appearance and suitability for high usage that...
Makro Eiche Beige
Makro Oak Beige | Residence ML1018
Created by nature. Created for you. You can hardly tell the difference between a modern laminate floor covering and a real wood plank...
Laminat Dekor Makro Eiche Braun
Makro Oak Brown | Residence ML1010
Room in every „hut“. Once again, MY FLOOR designers have proved that nothing stands between a quality, natural laminate floor covering...
Laminat Dekor Makro Eiche Grau
Makro Oak Grey | Residence ML1011
Batten down the hatches! Boards naturally distressed by wind and weather are one of the most striking features the rustic and the...
Laminat Dekor Makro Eiche Hell
Makro Oak Light | Residence ML1012
Light and elegant. Hard to beat. As a rule, sophisticated elegance is characterised as being discrete, unobtrusive and low key. Macro Oak...
Makro Eiche Hellgrau
Makro Oak Light Grey | Residence ML1019
Makro Oak Light Grey is more than just an easy-care and durable floor covering. It is sophisticated homeliness from the very moment you...
Laminat Dekor Makro Eiche Natur
Makro Oak Natural | Residence ML1008
Natural yet opulent. Show how much you love natural and harmonious living with a laminate flooring of the highest calibre. Nature herself...
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Laminat Dekor Makro Eiche Weiß
Makro Oak White | Residence ML1009
Wood on wood on wood. Why not try merging multiple shades of wood furniture with a contrasting floor covering? Macro Oak White from the...