Oak Valdez

Lodge | M8075 | AF
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Black on white or simply dazzling. Valdez Oak adds more than just a touch of nordic appeal to... more
Product information "Oak Valdez"

Black on white or simply dazzling. Valdez Oak adds more than just a touch of nordic appeal to the modern home. And for all those who opt for this natural, fresh, seemingly transparent laminate flooring with a hand crafted, 3-strip appearance, this appeal is enduring – year in, year out. Connoisseurs of the Scandinavian and maritime styles are right on target with Valdez Oak. Because what goes better with dark blue or pale green fabrics, romantic wicker furniture or wrought iron beds than the authentic grain and texture of the finest European oaks? Colourful vintage chairs and veneered plywood furniture come into their own when set against the shimmering white finish of an easy care, low maintenance flooring. For the most environmentally conscious among us, Valdez Oak from the MY FLOOR collection Lodge provides an attractive, sustainable and ecofriendly solution for the modern home. 

  • Natural hardwood appearance
  • Fade and stain resistant
  • Highly fire retardant
  • Especially suitable for the modern home
  • Can be walked on immediately
Here you can take a look at product specs of "Oak Valdez"
Take a look at the product specs of "Oak Valdez"
Colour tones: dark
Surfaces/ Structure: AF (Authentic Floor)
Design: 3-strip design
Length: 1380 mm
Width: 193 mm
Strength: 8 mm
Class: AC5/32
Groove: none
Here you can take a look at the features of "Oak Valdez"
"Oak Valdez" has following characteristics
  • eigenschaften_icon_clic_system CLIC system
  • eigenschaften_icon_gehkomfortabel comfortable to walk on
  • eigenschaften_icon_pflegeleicht easy-care and durable
  • eigenschaften_icon_strapazierf-hig hard-wearing/pressure resistant
  • eigenschaften_icon_zigarettenglutfest highly resistant (cigarette butts)
  • eigenschaften_icon_schwer_entflammbar low flammability
  • eigenschaften_icon_nat-rliche_rohstoffe made from renewable materials
  • eigenschaften_icon_lichtunempfindlich not light-sensitive
  • eigenschaften_icon_abriebbest-ndig resistant to wear
  • eigenschaften_icon_fleckenunempfindlich stain-resistant
  • eigenschaften_icon_fussbodenheizung-geeignet suitable for underfloor heating