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Exotic. Tropical. Stylish. Mango wood is characterised by a refreshingly youthful appearance.... more
Product information "Mango"

Exotic. Tropical. Stylish. Mango wood is characterised by a refreshingly youthful appearance. And in our authentic-looking, highly expressive Mango laminate décor, deep-black, sensual grain lines wind their way through reddish-brown shades like those typical of tropical woods. When combined with white leather, refreshing colour accents or breezy décor fabrics, it injects exotic, sultry zest into modern homes. And all this without hurting any rainforests! All MY FLOOR laminate floors, including Mango, are produced without harming the environment using raw materials from sustainably managed forests.

  • Striking tropical wood look
  • Trendy
  • Certified as conducive to healthy living
  • Made using thinnings from sustainably managed forests
  • Repels dust and dirt
Here you can take a look at product specs of "Mango"
Take a look at the product specs of "Mango"
Colour tones: dark, dark brown
Surfaces/ Structure: ML (Matt Look)
Design: Allover
Length: 1380 mm
Width: 193 mm
Strength: 8 mm
Class: AC5/32
Groove: V-Groove
Here you can take a look at the features of "Mango"
"Mango" has following characteristics
  • eigenschaften_icon_5G 5G Fold Down
  • eigenschaften_icon_antistatisch antistatic
  • eigenschaften_icon_clic_system CLIC system
  • eigenschaften_icon_gehkomfortabel comfortable to walk on
  • eigenschaften_icon_pflegeleicht easy-care and durable
  • eigenschaften_icon_strapazierf-hig hard-wearing/pressure resistant
  • eigenschaften_icon_zigarettenglutfest highly resistant (cigarette butts)
  • eigenschaften_icon_schwer_entflammbar low flammability
  • eigenschaften_icon_nat-rliche_rohstoffe made from renewable materials
  • eigenschaften_icon_lichtunempfindlich not light-sensitive
  • eigenschaften_icon_abriebbest-ndig resistant to wear
  • eigenschaften_icon_fleckenunempfindlich stain-resistant
  • eigenschaften_icon_fussbodenheizung-geeignet suitable for underfloor heating
  • eigenschaften_icon_oberflaeche These panels have a special surface structure.
  • eigenschaften_icon_schraeg V-shaped groove (45°)