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Laminat Dekor Breda Eiche
Dutch Oak | Lodge M8016
The essence of timeless elegance. This classic, easy to care for and durable laminate flooring with an authentic oak finish combines all...
NEW 2017 Laminat Dekor Cappuchino
Cappuccino | Lodge M8076
Confident. Worldly. Inspired. A distinctive embossed grain punctuates the pale cocoa hues of this light and springy laminate floor...
Laminat Dekor Eiche Neo
Neo Oak | Lodge M8072
A floor that does justice to the home – and the wood. Fashions come and go – but some things simply endure. And Oak Neo does just that. A...
Laminat Dekor Eiche Select
Oak Select | Lodge M8003
Proven through experience. Oak Select, our home interiors classic with a natural wood effect. Light and flexible and with improved safety...
Laminat Dekor Eiche Silber
Silver Oak | Lodge M8015
Planks that exude warmth and homeliness. Silver Oak is an authentic looking alternative for those who prefer the untreated wood look....
Laminat Dekor Kirkland Oak Grau
Oak Kirkland Grey | Lodge M8069
From simple to special. Add a touch of the North American West to your home. The chalky surface structure of this rugged yet fine oak...
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