Laminat Dekor Eiche Silber
Planks that exude warmth and homeliness. Silver Oak is an authentic looking alternative for those who prefer the untreated wood look....
Hidraulic Tile
A dream in the kitchen. A vision in the whole house. Enthusiasts needn't be disappointed when the antique tiles they love so much are...
moisture guard
Laminat Dekor Highland Eiche Silber
The subtle sophistication of elegant living. Surprising things happen when you least expect them. And Highland Oak Silver has that...
Laminat Dekor Palmer Fichte
Used looks beautiful. Varnished softwood floorboards made of southern European spruce are extremely popular in mediterranean farmhouses...
Scala Oak
Strong on appeal. Unyielding on character. Scala oak has an authentic, lightly treated look that compares with and sometimes even...
moisture guard
Lake Oak Beige
Light as softwood. Solid as hardwood. Scandinavian and maritime style enthusiasts will certainly get more than their money's worth in the...