Laminat Dekor Atlas Oak Beige
Very congenial – with every furnishing style. Wood is visually appealing and has been shown to have a soothing effect on body, mind and...
Laminat Dekor Atlas Oak Natur
Impressive appearance. Strong features. J ust as Atlas the Titan bore the weight of the heavens on his shoulders in ancient Greek...
Bacliff Eiche
Strikingly beautiful. Completely new. A laminate floor only comes into its own when you can‘t tell it from the real thing – either by...
Colour Oak
Arresting. Different. The modern shabby chic look is characterised by signs of daily wear and tear, visible irregularities and an overall...
Eiche Turin
Classic and timeless. Convincing and authentic. The warm and springy feeling of wood underfoot turns any home into a sanctuary of comfort...
Laminat Dekor Harbour Oak Beige
Hard to spoil. Easy to maintain. What is it that distinguishes Harbour Oak Beige from a real oak floor? Harbour Oak Beige is simply more...
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Laminat Dekor Kastanie Beige
Rustic yet sophisticated homeliness. Burls, curls, strips, cracks – the grain of Chestnut Beige is one of the most versatile in MY...
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Laminat Kastanie Natur
A naturally ideal home. There‘s nothing more satisfying than the feeling of living in harmony with nature. Chestnut Natural gives off...
Mailand Oak
Authentic. Original. In 2018 the look, feel and durability of quality laminate flooring does not have to be inferior to a traditional...
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Makro Eiche Beige
Created by nature. Created for you. You can hardly tell the difference between a modern laminate floor covering and a real wood plank...
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Laminat Dekor Makro Eiche Hell
Light and elegant. Hard to beat. As a rule, sophisticated elegance is characterised as being discrete, unobtrusive and low key. Macro Oak...
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Laminat Dekor Makro Eiche Natur
Natural yet opulent. Show how much you love natural and harmonious living with a laminate flooring of the highest calibre. Nature herself...
Milky Pine Nature
A fine way to set up home. Thanks to its “aristocratic pallor” and gently undulating grain structure the wood of the mediterranean pine...
Montmelo Eiche Natur
Innovation shaped by tradition. The same rule applies to a good wine as to an oak floor; it has to age – best of all for a couple of...
Montmelo Eiche Silber
Natural. Rustic. Homely. The sight of white washed planks never fails to conjure up images of timber framed houses, thatched barns and...
Laminat Dekor Pallas Eiche Natur
Strong presence – subtle effect. This attractive laminate flooring unites the elegant look and feel of traditional oak planks with the...
Rialto Oak
A class of its own – just for you. If you are inspired by the timeless elegance of Californian interior design, then the pale red hues of...
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Lake Oak Nature
The modern interpretation of rustic. Distinctive, extroverted and unique: the grain of this oak swirls round knots and burls likes waves...
Simple Oak
Beautifully simple. Simply beautiful. Just like every other MY FLOOR finish from Kronotex, Simple Oak with its sophisticated oiled finish...
Laminat Dekor Timeless Oak Natur
Timeless in quality. Classic in look . The striking, undulating oak grain detail and the subtle juxtaposition of fine lines and dark...