Artistic reinterpretation. If you love the rebellious and improvised nature of an artist's studio, Da Vinci is the natural floor covering...
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Laminat Dekor Harbour Oak Grey
The highest abrasion class for the most demanding of uses. Exceptional things often become more appealing as they age. And a time-worn...
Laminat Dekor Harbour Oak Grey
Stunning. And lasting. Few floors tell as exciting a story as MY FLOOR Harbour Oak Grey with its slightly distressed appearance and the...
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Title Highland Eiche Titan
A floor like a rock in the storm – of daily life. It’s not just its impressive veined appearance and suitability for high usage that...
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Iceland Oak
Diversity of expression. Wood has many faces – and a virtually limitless variety of expressions. Iceland Oak plays on this variety with...
Your home is an island. The swirling, caramel-coloured grain lines of this light and subtle wood finish laminate weave and wind their way...
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Laminat Dekor Makro Eiche Grau
Batten down the hatches! Boards naturally distressed by wind and weather are one of the most striking features the rustic and the...
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Makro Eiche Hellgrau
Makro Oak Light Grey is more than just an easy-care and durable floor covering. It is sophisticated homeliness from the very moment you...
Laminat Dekor Pettersson Eiche Beige
All of the care. None of the maintenance. If you like the look of heavy oak floors but aren’t keen on a traditional 2 or 3 strip design,...
Laminat Dekor Pettersson Eiche Grau
Only the best – even on the floor. Patrick Pettersson is a Swedish designer famous for his sleek and solid oak wood tables. Pettersson...
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Sauvignon Kastanie
A finish for connoisseurs. A floor for you. This incomparable natural flooring is just like a fine wine. It has to age – as long as...
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Lake Oak Grey
Impressive. Restrained. Discover the effortless elegance of grey - in a modern and authentic interpretation of oak from MY FLOOR. The...
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Laminat Dekor Timeless Oak Grau
Discreet and exclusive. What used to be flaunted with pomp now shines with noble restraint – even on the floor! Timeless Oak Grey, the...