Girona Oak

Chalet | M1019 | ER
Girona Oak
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Girona Oak has an appealing floorboard look thanks to a 45° 4-sided groove and comes with... more
Product information "Girona Oak"

Girona Oak has an appealing floorboard look thanks to a 45° 4-sided groove and comes with the innovative CLCI system for easy laying. The rugged finish with a deep embossed structure and silky shine punctuated by smooth matte lines is highly resistant to wear and tear, stains, fading and cigarette burns. For connoisseurs of timeless elegance this flooring is a truly stylish highlight in the stately tradition of quality interiors.

  • Real hardwood veneer appearance
  • Authentic grain
  • Strong 10mm laminate
  • Authentic plank look thanks to V groove
  • Highly fire retardant
Here you can take a look at product specs of "Girona Oak"
Take a look at the product specs of "Girona Oak"
Colour tones: light brown, natural
Surfaces/ Structure: ER (Registered Emboss)
Design: wide plank design
Length: 1380 mm
Width: 193 mm
Strength: 10 mm
Class: AC5/33 (Mindestanforderung an das Unterlagsmaterial ist CS 60kPa und DL 2 gemäß EN 16354.)
Groove: V-Groove
Here you can take a look at the features of "Girona Oak"
"Girona Oak" has following characteristics
  • eigenschaften_icon_5G 5G Fold Down
  • eigenschaften_icon_antistatisch antistatic
  • eigenschaften_icon_clic_system CLIC system
  • eigenschaften_icon_gehkomfortabel comfortable to walk on
  • eigenschaften_icon_pflegeleicht easy-care and durable
  • eigenschaften_icon_strapazierf-hig hard-wearing/pressure resistant
  • eigenschaften_icon_zigarettenglutfest highly resistant (cigarette butts)
  • eigenschaften_icon_schwer_entflammbar low flammability
  • eigenschaften_icon_nat-rliche_rohstoffe made from renewable materials
  • eigenschaften_icon_lichtunempfindlich not light-sensitive
  • eigenschaften_icon_abriebbest-ndig resistant to wear
  • eigenschaften_icon_fleckenunempfindlich stain-resistant
  • eigenschaften_icon_fussbodenheizung-geeignet suitable for underfloor heating
  • eigenschaften_icon_oberflaeche These panels have a special surface structure.
  • eigenschaften_icon_schraeg V-shaped groove (45°)
  • feuchteschutz Withstands moisture for longer.