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Laminat Dekor Atlas Oak
Atlas Oak | Cottage MV807
Warmth and harmony underfoot. This studio flooring with the appearance of dark, stained hardwood planks adds a dash of rustic cosiness...
Laminat Dekor Atlas Oak Beige
Atlas Oak Beige | Cottage MV808
Very congenial – with every furnishing style. Wood is visually appealing and has been shown to have a soothing effect on body, mind and...
NEW 2017 Bacliff Eiche
Bacliff Oak | Cottage MV853
Strikingly beautiful. Completely new. A laminate floor only comes into its own when you can‘t tell it from the real thing – either by...
Laminat Dekor Carolina
Carolina | Cottage MV846
The flair of the southern states throughout the home. The finely polished, lightly oiled appearance of Carolina is reminiscent of the...
NEW 2017 Colour Oak
Colour Oak | Cottage MV855
Arresting. Different. The modern shabby chic look is characterised by signs of daily wear and tear, visible irregularities and an overall...
NEW 2017 Dark Oak
Dark Oak | Cottage MV858
An all round good guy. If you prefer the welcoming vibrancy of patchwork over a more uniform, understated style, then Dark Oak is the...
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