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Laminat Dekor Brave
Brave | Chalet M1014
Modern from the ground up. Redefining urbanity: Brave, an extremely durable and easy to care for laminate flooring from the MY FLOOR...
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Laminat Dekor Gala Eiche Titan
Gala Oak Titan | Chalet M1016
A strong sense of true strength. Gala Titan Oak is undeniably a giant among laminate floor coverings. Extremely hard wearing and easy to...
Laminat Dekor Kastanie
Chestnut | Chalet M1005
The embodiment of all that is natural . When genuinely rustic ruggedness join forces with the heights of sophisticated elegance, the...
Laminat Dekor Kastanie Beige
Chestnut Beige | Chalet M1002
Rustic yet sophisticated homeliness. Burls, curls, strips, cracks – the grain of Chestnut Beige is one of the most versatile in MY...
Laminat Kastanie Natur
Chestnut Natural | Chalet M1008
A naturally ideal home. There‘s nothing more satisfying than the feeling of living in harmony with nature. Chestnut Natural gives off...
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Laminat Dekor Prestige Eiche Weiß
Prestige Oak White | Chalet M1001
Strong. But striking. This fade and stain resistant laminate flooring is beautifully light with a subdued and tasteful texture. The...
Laminat Dekor Vermont Eiche Weiß
Vermont Oak White | Chalet M1004
Sublime – especially on the floor. Like a finely lacquered hardwood veneer this select, 10mm thick laminate floor covering captures the...