Wax and resin stains can be avoided – and removed

In the festive season, we want to come together as families, take a break from everyday life and relax in beautiful candle light under the Christmas tree. Dripping resin or wax from the tree onto your laminate flooring can happen quickly. No reason to panic. We will tell you how to easily remove resin and wax stains.

As a precaution, we recommend you cover areas which are particularly at risk - for example directly under your Christmas tree. You can use a blanket or even beautiful paper. You can make the protective cover a part of your Christmas decoration. Nevertheless, it’s often not entirely possible to prevent accidents from happening.

How to remove wax from laminate floor

Let the resin or wax stains dry and cool completely. Never immediately wipe away the fresh resin or warm wax. By doing so you could smear it even further and push it into the surface structure.

Once the wax or resin has completely hardened or dried, you can remove a large part using a blunt object. Just be careful to only scratch lightly, to avoid damaging the laminate.

Usually some residual wax or resin remains. You can briefly warm up any waxy residue, which is e.g. smeared across the surface or has settled in the surface structure, by using a hair-dryer or very hot water. Once the wax has softened, you can absorb the residue with a kitchen cloth and dab it off. Here again, do not rub. You can also use blotting paper. As this is highly absorbent, it is even better.

The best way to remove resin residue is using nail polish remover which contains acetone. Drip some nail polish remover on a cosmetic wipe or cotton ball and apply it to the resin residue until the residue is removed. When you are finished, you should wipe the laminate dry with a cloth.

Wax or resin stains should not spoil you holiday mood. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the best time of the year. We wish you and your family a merry Christmas and happy holidays!