Storing Laminate – What Do You Need To Think About?

Sometimes our plans change as a result of external circumstances. Maybe now you’ll have to store your newly-bought laminate for rather longer than you originally had in mind. The builders aren’t ready. Or you’ve got more laminate left over after laying than you expected because you were sparing with your off-cuts. Just throwing laminate away is out of the question for a practical-minded person like you. You want to store laminate but want to know what could go wrong. Perhaps you’ve heard that the panels need to rest in the room where they’re going before they’re fitted. But now you’re not sure if that’s even true, and you don’t know how to store laminate either. Vertical or flat? In a pile or a single layer? In the packet or unwrapped? We’ll try to resolve the most important questions for you.

How do you store laminate in the long-term?

If you want to store laminate for a longer period, it is particularly important to keep an eye on the temperature and moisture levels. Air humidity is also crucial here. A wood-based material is not going to be happy lying in a damp room. Damp can also work its way inside the panels and cause internal damage. So ideal conditions are between 20-22°C and 50-60% humidity. Heated rooms, on the other hand, are no problem; in fact, they are very well suited to storing laminate. You should avoid draughts and dramatic temperature fluctuations though, as they will make the laminate continually expand and contract. If you want to store laminate for a longer period, remember: laminate should generally be laid flat and kept in the closed box. If you follow this advice, you’ll have no problem storing laminate for a longer period.

Does laminate need acclimatising before it’s laid?

As you may have heard before, laminate, being an approximately 95 per cent wooden composite, generally has the same typical properties as wood. This means that laminate likes to get used to a new environment before it is fitted. If you invest 48 hours before laying the laminate, you’ll always hit the jackpot!

Keep the panels in their packaging and lay them in the room where you want to fit them. Then nothing will get in the way of your new floor.