Laying Laminate On Tiles – Points To Bear In Mind

Times are hard, money short and energy limited. It is often not worth investing a lot of time and money in a rented home if you’re going to move out shortly afterwards. Laminate flooring solves this problem. It is quick to lay, inexpensive, and it looks good too. But can you lay laminate on tiles? Yes, you can. So long as you bear a few important hints in mind. Let us explain how it works.

Crooked tiles, smooth laminate

Basically, laminate can be laid on many different floors so long as they’re firmly fixed and a few other things have been taken into account. It is also possible to lay laminate on tiles. But wooden panels on tiles can cause a lot of trouble. So sound insulation is absolutely vital. There is another advantage to this in-between layer. It is sadly true that tiles are often not laid altogether precisely. One corner is frequently a fraction higher than another; little discrepancies that you wouldn’t even notice at first glance can suddenly play a major role in laying laminate on tiles. Sound-proofing can even out these mistakes. And of course height is another challenge when it comes to double flooring. Where you have tiles, then sound-proofing, then laminate, the floor level is raised; or to put it another way, the ceiling is lowered. This is less of a problem in high-ceilinged rooms than in lower ones. You also have to make sure that the doors will still open and close. Even a centimetre can make a big difference. It is possible to shorten wooden doors. DIY stores sell threshold strips to bridge the gap into other rooms.

Double floor, simple with laminate

So before laying the floor, check that the room is suitable for laying laminate on tiles. It is important to make sure that, should you move out, you can return the room to its original condition – without the laminate - before handing it back. That would involve taking the laminate out again. And if you’d sawn off the doors, you’d have a bit of a problem. So long as it suits the room, it is easy, quick and affordable to lay laminate on tiles.