Elegant Transitions With Laminate

In a shared flat, dark laminate in the hallway gives way to pale laminate in the bedroom; a new home might have an open-plan, American-style kitchen leading straight into the living room, while another rented flat could have both laminate and carpet. Threshold strips can be an elegant and attractive way of evening out two types of flooring or little differences in the level of the floor.

Lots of styles, great effect

Transitions between different floor coverings don’t look good if they’re left without a clear profile. Evening out height differences can also be a problem. One room has lovely, new laminate but the hall carpet is a few millimetres deeper. Threshold strips are available in a wide range of styles, various materials and diverse looks. They are always a good way of making connections and look good too. In elegant chrome or non-slip, black rubber, they balance out height differences to the millimetre. They can also be used to skilfully hide gaps and restore harmony. You’ll see: you can move from laminate to tiles, carpets or PVC. In the DIY store, you’ll be able to see the varieties available and find the perfect solution for your own home. It might be helpful to hold up an off-cut of carpet and laminate to the threshold strip, or else to print out the strip and simply set it up at home. All you need for this is a good printer. Brochure images or DIY store ideas will generally be good enough to let you decide which designs will fit best with your own four walls.

Balancing out height differences

It is also important to minimise the danger of tripping when you need to balance out height differences. Carpet edges can come lose, and it can be easy to overlook a small step – even a few millimetres can be painful if you stub your toe. A neat threshold strip doesn’t just look elegant, it can also be good for your health.